SEO vs. Adwords



When it comes to optimal targeting of keywords and phrases, search engine optimization (SEO) and Adwords contribute to a successful strategy.  However, when it comes to internet marketing as a whole, both SEO and Adwords have opposing roles and results.

Defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that gives focus to creating and ensuring that website content is relevant to search engines.  SEO desperately contributes to helping websites rank higher in both organic and natural search results.  Effective SEO that is properly implemented easily optimizes your website in terms of keywords, links, content, and any other technical aspects of the site.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a unique advertising platform created by Google that enables website owners to position their company, business or product advertisements on the top or on the right-hand side of the Google search results page and on other affiliate websites as well.  Adwords allow website owners to target the search queries of internet users and have their offers and advertisements displayed every time users are looking for a product, business or company similar to their own.   The internet user then clicks on your advertisement whether at the top or on the right-hand side of the results page and it takes them out to your site or to your landing page.

SEO vs. Adwords

The best and most effective strategy is a mixture of both SEO and Adwords so as to keep your company, product or brand highly visible to internet searchers.  Here at ShootScope Liverpool SEO we recommend to all our clients that rank in top positions in organic search results to also implement an Adwords strategy in order to target those users that are not as familiar with their company brand or product.  In addition, we offer our clients the following insight with regard to the use of SEO vs. the use of Adwords.

For starters, we advise all our clients of the simple fact that SEO requires more time to achieve results than AdWords do, but surely SEO can result in a high Google ranking.  With SEO though there are no charges per click, continuous work is required to sustain your search engine rankings.SEO Marketing

Adwords, more or less, guarantee that your business and brand will be visible in the search results while the use of SEO affords no assurance that your brand will rank in the organic search results even with the targeted high traffic keywords that are consistent with your website content.  Further, Adwords enables site owners to quickly accommodate a shifting marketplace by targeting and incorporating newer terms that internet users are searching for where SEO does not afford this luxury.

The experts here at ShootScope educate our clients on the fact that SEO, when and if it is stopped, the overall ranking of your site will decrease over time.  However, proper SEO enhances the quality and quantity of incoming links to your company website which is a key element of your advertising and marketing strategy.

If you are looking to increase traffic to your site, achieve higher Google rankings and ultimately increase leads and sales for your company then the time is now to incorporate the professional services of our qualified and highly experienced IT specialists here at ShootScope.   Visit our website at today and learn more about our successful marketplace presence, the benefits of SEO vs. Adwords, and the many techniques and services we have to offer all our valued clients.  Give us a call today.  We look forward to serving you.

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