Microdermabrasion in Manchester

Like everybody else you know, you have decided you need to look into all these new age-defying procedures available today. Understanding full well the plethora of anti-aging products available on the market today, you are finding that you simply cannot achieve the youthful results you want and feel you need.  Today there are so many cosmetic procedures available to us that deliver youthful results worth bragging about.  However, it seems that the new up and coming procedure, microdermabrasion, is fast becoming the favored procedure of choice by both men and women.


A beauty treatment that just keeps on climbing the charts, microdermabrasion is not only effective and efficient, but every bit successful at delivering the type of results that people everywhere are looking for.  With that said, there are also many clinics that offer microdermabrasion and other cosmetic treatments in Manchester as well, making it somewhat of a challenge for consumers to choose the perfect clinic for their specialized treatments.

At Lush Aesthetics, the team of professional clinicians and aestheticians are committed to delivering superior products, services and techniques that are unmatched by their competitors.  They are proud of their abundant success stories from clients who have engaged in this remarkably innovative new cosmetic treatment and have experienced results that far exceed their own expectations.  Giving abundant clients the youthful, vibrant look they are in search of, with little to no side effects and at very affordable prices has made Lush Aesthetics truly the number one clinic of choice by consumers in Manchester and the surrounding regions.

What Is Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion is a procedure that gives primary focus to the removal of the topmost layer of skin in order to create and deliver a rejuvenating effect to the skin.  This spectacular procedure treats skin problems, mild discoloration, acne scarring, wrinkles, and excessive sun damage to the skin as well.  It is a complete cleansing, exfoliation of the skin that leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft.

The procedure is both painless and non-surgical and involves the use of a fine vacuum suction device that is applied to the surface of the skin.  It involves no injections or needles, but instead a simple suctioning device that consists of a tube, a pump, and bristle tip hand tool.  Performing successful and effective age-defying beauty treatments, this innovative procedure is by far one of the most talked about and most favored cosmetic procedures available to people today.

Though the procedure and device are simplistic overall, the results are anything but simple and are sure to satisfy even the most fearful and pickiest of clients.  If you are truly looking for a state of the art procedure that is non-surgical, non-invasive, simplistic and effective, then microdermabrasion is a must do procedure for you.

The staff at Lush Aesthetics prides themselves on their award-winning presence, their state of the art equipment, comfortable, friendly environment and their very affordable cosmetic treatment plans.  Making peoples’ youthful dreams a reality is the focal point of this superior team of clinicians and professionals.  In addition to their superior microdermabrasion procedures, the clinic affords its clients a variety of other top of the line cosmetic services and treatments that also deliver results you can be proud of.

If you find yourself dreaming about a more youthful looking you, and are thinking about experiencing microdermabrasion, then surely you have chosen the right place.  Lush Aesthetics is recognized as the leading provider of microdermabrasion Manchester has to offer.  They ensure their clients that they will be every bit delighted and satisfied with their innovative procedures, their team of professionals, their clinic, their prices and your extraordinary results.  Contact the clinic today for a free consultation.  For more information on Lush Aesthetics and their many services visit them at www.lushaesthetics.co.uk today.